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Success & Yoga

So I’ve had a lot of people ask the question:

“Can I do yoga?”

“Am I too old” “too injuried” “not flexible enough” “not thin enough”

And most teachers, and any good business person would say:

“Of course you can, come to my lesson, check out my class” or the winner: “it’s for all levels”

But i remember what it was like. I remember when I stumbled into my first yoga class.

And let me tell you this, I was clumsy, lost, doing it wrong and that alone made me sweat without even having to throw out some shapes on the mat.

But to this very day - even though I have gotten better - I still get it wrong from time to time! But it’s part of the fun.

Fast forward a couple years and I’m now in a teaching position and I’m faced with a lot of the similar feelings of not being good enough.

Now, yoga is a non-competitive practice, which means you’re not supposed to judge yourself based on others abilities.

And that’s freakin’ hard...

You might think “wow that person is great!” or “they are doing that so well.”

And the natural counter thought is “so why am I not that great and why can’t I do it that well?”

I spent a lot of time worrying and thinking about which skills and techniques I needed to hone and master before I could live up to the other people who inspired me.

It’s normal to think in yoga, “when will i be flexible enough to bend that way, strong enough to do that pose, mindful enough to practice like that and resolute enough to discipline myself to that level.”

I tried going on more courses, practicing more, asking more questions - but it wasn’t enough because I still always felt behind.

But then there is a moment where you stop and think... and it’s all very cliche.

And You realise all the things you are good at.

You add up all the little success in life you’ve made so far.

And you realise yoga is just an expression. It’s a way for you to channel everything you have into a lifestyle or into one space of allotted time that is just yours.

It’s a bit less daunting as a participant and for me, as a teacher, to think of it that way.

I started in visual communication for my degree and my career. I was always good as delivering an idea in a nicely contained package that’s easy to digest. I know how to make something look good and I was always able to think creatively.

I just took skills and applied it to life, my business, my relationships and my yoga practice.

That’s my angle. That’s my approach and for you business people, my USP.

It’s just me. Not someone else or a different version. Just me.

So, I can’t get my legs behind my head. I can’t sit and meditate for 20 minutes without distraction, let alone for hours. My life isnt completely selfless or always compassionate, but yoga pulled things together in a way I never knew or expected. It made me think differently, made me think better, it made me feel better and it made my body better.

So if your asking “can I do yoga?”

Ask yourself “are you ready to do ‘you’ ” and if that’s a yes, and your courageous enough to take the next step and own your capabilities. Then get ready to succeed, then get ready to fail, to give up. try again, succeed and repeat.

You get to narrate yourself in a way that brings movement and breath, education and experience, reflection and introspection in a way that just doesn’t normally happen.

Most of all, you get enjoy the process, enjoy getting better, enjoy yourself and enjoy yoga.

So grab a yoga book, check some stuff online, go to class, phone a friend, ask the audience or if it’s 50/50 between yes or no... Pick yes.

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