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Sports Massage

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Niggling back pain? Tone your bottom to protect your back! FREE POSTURAL ANALYSIS with your first Sports Massage


Taking care of your gluteal muscles is essential to protect yourself from back pain. The glutes are the biggest single muscle group in the body, so they are the most important.

Often lower back pain is a referral pain from ‘weak’ glutes. They can cause a mechanical shift in the way the bones, the lower vertebrae sit, which is what causes lower back pain. This has a ‘knock on’ effect, where the muscles in your back will work much harder to stabilise your pelvis, leading to niggling back pain or postural back pain. EXERCISE is key to strengthening the glutes combined with GOOD POSTURE, FLEXIBILITY, OVERALL HEALTH and PAIN MANAGEMENT; this is when a SPORTS MASSAGE will help. If you would like further information or advice contact Annette today for FREE, NO OBLIGATION ASSESSSMENT!


Annette is a fully qualified Sports Massage and Complimentary therapist, having qualified in 2004 with a background in the health and fitness industry. Annette has two clinics in the area and supports a team of physiotherapists at a sports injury clinic. She personally enjoys keeping fit and can see the benefits of keeping the body flexible, stretching out the muscles combined with a sports massage is a winning combination in aiding recovery between physical activity and training sessions.

All treatments include a holistic approach, together with your yoga practise, a complimentary treatment will help the body re-balance itself, detoxify the body, increasing circulation in the blood and lymphatic system.

Unlock your energy and let if flow through your body today! Annette can be reached through:

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