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Introverts: Unite! 🙈

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Yoga is for the introvert in you. Now, that doesn’t mean shy and unsocial. Introvert simply means to be inward and reflective. Its how we deal with incoming and outgoing energy. Remove distraction, noise and stimulation and you are left with your own thoughts. Scary, right? Whizzing, whirling, racing, wondering… and wandering, you’ll find yourself whisked off to the distant corners or your imagination and then thrown back and forth recalling the past and predicting the future. Amidst the scenarios you create, the memories you revisit and the conversations you recite there is a small moment of present. First a breath, then a stillness. Focusing more… Ahh, that feels good. QUICK you’re in the moment Keep quiet brain, stay here! And you’re off again… overthinking, overworking. But come back to that space. Another breath. Deeper this time. Slower. And you realise soon it is not so much the breath that is important but the reflective quality of just being in the present. Right now. Right here. Just you. Introspective. Introverted. SEE YOU AT SHAVASANA 💙💙💙💙💙

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