Attention recruits, this is your Clan Leader speaking. Planet Earth needs your help!

I am looking for the next top superhero. The Clan's top scientists have developed a brand new training program to help develop your inner powers!

I hope you're ready. Do you accept this mission to help defend the world? Will you #jointheclan?

You now have access to this virtual workout where you will discover your brand new superpowers - use them wisely!

WARNING: May cause superhuman strength, fire & ice blasts, and dazzling awesome-ness... You have been warned.

The boring (but very important) stuff for parents & guardians:
This 15-minute workout goes from a high-energy interactive workout to a magical yoga experience, finishing with some guided breathing & meditation. Top tip - it's not just for kids so join in the fitness & fun!

Legal bit and safety:
If you have any health concerns or conditions, have any reasons you should not be participating in fitness/exercise or have any concerns - please consult a medical professional before taking part or do not participate in the workout/video. Exercise comes at a risk of injury, choosing to participate means you agree that you take responsibility for your own (and anyone in your care) health and safety.

Okay, we're all set! Press play and let's begin!



Do you want more? 'Course you do! Well, lucky for the whole family, I run online classes over Skype.

If you are interested in health and fitness for the whole family or just yourself, get in touch! I offer bespoke sessions designed for the goals you set. Sessions are always fun, interactive, and suitable for all!


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