If you are looking to introduce or deepen your physical and/or mental practice that helps improve your body and mind, download a preview of my book below titled "Infinity Series". In this preview, you are introduced tovarying levels of poses or 'Asanas' in Yoga & Martial Arts that highlight the nature of my mindfulness-based exercise classes.

These classes are for ALL levels and are even suitable for those recovering for injuries and illnesses after referral.

WIth a variety of different options suited to your body, its a great way to strengthen, stablise and tone whilst harmoniously focusing of mental challenges, mindfulness, relaxation and breathe.


Keep an eye out for more great opportinities on my social media to get involved. From dayly tips, advice and the change to win prizses follow my lifestyle page on Instagram and Facebook

@lewiscjallen  |   @BEYUhealth


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